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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Oh Lord to be wise in this: the oil of Holy Spirit and the water of pride do not mix. Oil always floats to the top because it is less dense than water. In whatever we do for the Lord as well as any success we have, God will and should always get the glory, even if you try to take steal for yourself. When water is poured into a beaker of burning oil it sinks to the bottom, and because of intense heat the water is vaporized into steam immediately. This is your works, your life without the love of Christ. You could feed the hungry, heal the sick, and give everything you have. But without love for Christ your throwing your hard work and efforts away. It will turn into steam and blow away like a quiet fart in the wind. God will use the overfilled barns of the wicked and give it to the impoverished poor. Let's make sure our vessels are overflowing in the love, peace, and joy of Holy Spirit. Through relationship with Jesus He will keep our vessels pure and holy, burning and bubbling over in good works. Cleansing out any pride in our lives and turning it into a disappearing mist. We have the oil of the Holy Spirit rising in our hearts permeating everything we do. Thanks be to Christ Jesus, our Great Scientist, Lord and Savior! Meditate Eccles.2:25-26 Meditate Prov. 13:22

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