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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man

I came into my spiritual house and it was turned upside down. The dining wood table was flipped over, the furniture was all out of place and yes, even my fridge had food all over the floor. I freaked out and panicked, thinking my spiritual house had been robbed of all that I hold sinfully dear. I called on God saying, 911! I need to file a petition to you Lord Jesus. Everything is scattered everywhere, even some of my unaccompanied guests are missing. I have been robbed of my overfilled selfish barns and I need answers. Just then as I was making the call, I saw a wip on the hallway floor with a note attached to it. It read: Do not think you have been robbed by man, but zeal for your house has consumed me! I Jesus, made a whip out of cords and destroyed your idols. I also drove out every unclean spirit in your home, throwing out the trash that had been fermenting for years in your heart. I shook the very foundation of your soul to change the way your living! On the Cross I destroyed the earthly temple and raised up a new dwelling for myself in you. Stop turning your Fathers house into a free market for evil spirits and evil desires of men to roam freely in your life. When you are ready come outside to the porch where the pond of living water is, and lets work on relationship to keep your living temple clean. Study John 2:13-23

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