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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

I feel so close to sin. Its desires I can taste within my mouth. Oh the warring within the members of my body, how I want to surrender and be taken captive in the flesh. In every part of me I discover something fighting against my mind and my will for you Lord. Sins desires have a way of controlling everything I do. Almost like being imprisoned in my own body. These passions are at war within me causing conflicts and quarrels in my daily life. Jesus I need you to free my soul from this prison of sin so that I may praise Your name. Rescue me from the mouth of the prowling lions. Save me from the horns of the wild oxens, they are ready to devour not only my body but my soul! It feels like waves of emotion barreling on top of me and I am weak wanting to drown the new man in Christ. Lord your voice is so soft and so sweet. In the midst of this chaos I can trust you to be there. Through relationship with you Jesus I can stay away from willful sin. You will keep me blameless and innocent of great trangression. You will not let me be ruled by my flesh but by the Holy Spirit living inside me. Thank you for being so close to me Lord, I know you are warring for my soul. I can feel so close to righteousness.   

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