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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Take me away from the stresses of the day. Carry me in the Spirit and fly me to the moon. Let me sit there and stare at the glory of the Sun of Righteousness. Let me feel the warmth of your love on this dry and thirsty rock! Oh Lord I look forward to the day where your city, Jerusalem, will be coming down out of heaven. What a sight to behold your Presence with mankind! Lord Jesus carry me to the highest of mountains and let me see you glory! I long to be in your Presence all day. Looking down from this high mountain and into my life, I am conflicted in soul. I want to be absent from the body and present with you Lord, but I know you have plans for me on this earth. Carry me to green pastures and still waters. Set me upon a rock and show me your goodness and mercy. Like a sheperd lead me and gather me to your bosom. I will rest peacefully in you and when i wake I know I will be back in this evil world. Help me to remember at any time you can sweep me off my feet and into your Presence. All I have to do is ask, and you will carry me in the Spirit. I must pray in the Spirit at all times so that the reality of the Kingdom is real to my own eyes. Jesus give me the Grace to receive the comfort of the Holy Spirit as I deal with the pressures of the day. 

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