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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man

It is amazing how God created everything with guts, tendons, and tissue. Intricate internal systems that operate on their own, like a wheel within a wheel. Of course, God could have made all things to work instantly without screw or bolt, without blood or vein, and without molecule or atom. He could have made the internal invisible and everything would just disappear. But no, God left his blueprints behind for all mankind to see. The smallest details are revealed in all his created works. And of all his works, I find the way our flesh and spirit are intricately tied together breathtaking. If you prick us will we not bleed? If our soul is downcast will we not shed tears? We are wonderfully and fearfully made, having infinite value to God. Jesus showed this when He became human down to the flesh and bone, and died for us without sin. He put on mans body to put in us the Holy Spirit. His Presence so involved in our body and spirit that we are born again with internal flowing power! The only question left to ask, is child of God can these dry bones live?

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