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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Rain in the night sounds like a rising applause as the sun begins to dawn. Showering winds with thunderous bright shouts of glory coming from the heavens. Oh Lord when you shut up the heavens there is no water for the crops, no water for animals, and no water for my body.  We are sowing righteousness to reap the fruit of unfailing love, we are breaking up unplowed hearts to make time to seek you Lord. We wait for you Holy Spirit to come and shower your righteousness on us. We want to have torrential downpour fall on us, refreshing us with spirit and life. Preparing us for the Sun of Righteousness to rise in our hearts. I sit here soaking wet praising you in the Spirit clapping my hands in praise! Oh how beautiful it is when birds are chirping because the waters have stilled. Yes the Sun has risen and your glory warms my heart. What a beautiful day today will be, knowning your light will be the only reason I am able to see. Shine Jesus Shine! 

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