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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

Nothing is more shocking than seeing an adult lion being devoured. The lion has no predators and are known as the king of the jungle. One of the animals that are known to take down a lion is the hyena. As a pack of 10, many times they can take down an adult lion. I see a comparison to spiritual warfare. While the devil does prowl around like a roaring lion, he attacks like spiritual hyenas, devouring the soul of man with many demons. If you see a believer being attacked by the enemy, go stand by them in prayer. One adult lion can withstand maybe 10-1 with a pack of hyenas. With two lions they withstand a whole clan. Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing a member of Gods pride lost and surrounded by hyenas. Many are being devoured limb from limb by the evil one, they forget they were lions and died as dead dogs. Lets watch and stay sober in prayer for each other. Jesus has his gaze on us like his baby lions. He will roar through us victory and strength when are surrounded by evil. Where two or more lions are gathered in his name, he is with us. Evil has to flee.

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