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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Oh Lord have mercy on me, on my body and my spirit. My troubles are using up all my strength. My heart is pounding because I am losing my peace. Even the light of my eyes are going dim as daily life takes its toll. I feel sometimes like a broken pot not able to hold any water. Thank you Jesus that you don't throw away broken vessels. When I am weak then you are strong. Let me hold my peace and wait for your goodness and mercy. You are storing up your goodness for those who fear you and honor you. Restore my soul, fix my broken pieces and let me be able to hold the goodness you have provided for me. Let be wise in this: My strength for today does come from my physical body. You are my source of strength that gives my body vitality and energy. You are the one who gives me strength to overcome evil thoughts with good thoughts. I can do all things through Christ because He is literally the one keeping my spirit and body alive. I need the Spirit of Christ like I need breathe in my lungs and blood in my veins. I am alive because He is alive. If you was to knock on the door of my heart Jesus would open and invite you to fellowship with us.  Meditate Ps. 31:10

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