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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Oh Lord you protect us from those who want to harm us. You make people who oppose us to be afraid of you. Yes, you bring confusion among those who are against us. Making our enemies turn to run in retreat and destruction of soul. When they see our integrity and our devotion to you Jesus they are caught with terror and panic.  Oh help me ti to be wise in this: There are so many countless things that you protect me from. I could have died from accident or wilfull foolishness, yet you saved me. Lord you have the ability to deliver me out of every physical calamity or trouble, but it may not be your Will to do so. Sometimes you want trials to purify me, and have me persevere to grow in spiritual maturity. Help me to understand that protecting me from such trials would not be beneficial to me. I want peace and safety for me and family all the days of my life. To lead a quiet life, minding my own business and working with my own hands enjoying the fruits of my labor. Help me to keep sin and death far from me so I can keep destruction away. I know for sure that no harm will ever come to my soul. I am sealed with the eternal indwelling of Holy Spirit till final glorification. I am protected by the outstretched arms of the Cross, no harm can kill the my soul. My body is your temple use it for your glory. Even in pain and suffering may your will be done and not mine. I know you are able to raise me from the dead, restoring my soul to body.

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