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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Where am I Lord? I am running from you in shame and feel so lost. I feel naked and uncovered. I have given into my own delusions and have become faint of heart. I can't tell what is real and what is fake. What is truth and what is false. I did what you told me not to do and now my eyes know good and evil. What was pleasant to my eyes was actually dreadful. What was wise to me has become folly. And what I thought was good has become a disaster in my life. I hear you coming closer and closer, I fear your holy presence! My Paradise is lost and my conscience which was sacred has become defiled. What was pure has become unclean. I fall at your feet in awe of your Grace. Oh Lord, what have you done? I see a lamb slain since before the foundations of the world. More than just animal skin covering my shame, your very blood and body has forgiven my sins! When you look at me you see your righteousness. I am able to take off my garments of grief and but on your robe of joy. Suddenly I know where I am Lord. Im in paradise restored, your awesome presence in me.

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