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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man

When you go for an eye exam, the eye doctor is comparing your vision to other people with perfect vision. What you see from the same distance reflects on how poor or good your sight is. We face a spiritual eye exam everyday and many around us have poor vision for their lives. Two people of faith can stand next to each other and one have poor eyesight and the other have good eyesight. One says the people look like giants and the other says the fruit is what is giant. We need to ask Jesus to give us greater insight so we can have 20/20 vision for life. We look at our problems and challenges with our physical eyes and lose hope. This is called having insight into a situation. Now close your eyes, meditate and pray to Jesus. This is getting a better vision from God so we can see breakthrough and victory in the times of low insight. God's people flourished through an increase of knowledge. Where there is real vision there is life more abundant. 

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