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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

Lord, I want to serve you with all my heart. You are not like earthly kings that many times steal , kill and destroy for there own prideful gain. You are holy and just, worthy of my allegiance and service. Jesus, how can I rest when the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand? When your Holy Spirit is out among the human tents and the lion of Judah is protecting the precious lambs of God? How can I live lazily everyday just eating and drinking in my house, knowing that you God are working day and night through your servants. I would rather sleep in the door of the Kings house waiting to serve the Lord than to sit in the place of fools enjoying wasteful pleasure. In you I found something to live for Jesus. I know if you send me even to hottest spiritual battles you will never retreat from me. You will fill me with your Presence and send me your reinforcements, your Comforter to encourage me. Thank you for giving me a home to wash my feet and for food to eat. But send me Lord, I am Manuel the Hittite. Study 2 Sam. 11:6-18

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