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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man

We are like the ground that drinks the rain. This rain causes plants to grow for the people who farm. God has also blessed the ground of our hearts with holy rain and wants spiritual fruit to grow. But if the soil of our hearts grow nothing but earthly weeds, all it is good for is to be thrown in eternal judgment fire. Don't turn away from Christ now, your doing so great walking on the waters of faith. Leaving behind the elementary teaching about Christ, growing into a mature Christian. Yes, you have glimpsed heaven, you have tasted the truth, you have experienced the Holy Spirit and the goodness of his word. Do not fall away now that Christ has risen in your heart! If you do there remains no other remedy for sin, death, hell and the grave. You are basically leaving Jesus on the Cross bringing him public shame. This because when they ask you do you know this King of the Jews? You say no I never knew him, denying the power of God you once had in your life. You would have washed your hands, but the guilt of your sins still remains. Oh child of God you know him, he is the one that brought you from death to life!

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