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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

This is sound advice coming from personal experience. Good character is corrupted by bad company. What does bad company mean, and how does someone with right morals fall away? What matters is influence and integrity more than name and intelligence. Don't think because you are hanging with smart people you will be a better person. Or you are more morally relevant because you hang with people that stay up with culture. Christians make this mistake alot by trusting in the name and not the content of character. All that to say to this: In order to keep good character, we must strive to have an inner circle that has a righteous influence. Examine people's spirits and see whether they are operating from the Spirit of Christ or from sin. I saw this alot as a youth when I would be around Christian youths but they were not different from the world. Who you chose to allow to influence you makes a big difference in your character. Lord, you are the greatest influence in my life. Like a child wants to be like his father, I want to be like you.  

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