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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Lord, I want to tell the enemy to kick rocks. I want to send him into pigs and drown him into the pit of hell. All the destruction I allowed into my life because I listened to the serpent. But you called me not to rebuke the devil or even speak to him at all. You want me to resist him and he will eventually flee from me. I need to stop blaming the enemy for my problems and realize there are somethings your allowing for my growth. You are the one who rebukes the devil. Jesus you are the one that brings light out of darkness. I ask Lord that you rebuke the devourer in my life. Whatever sin is causing my spiritual fruit to be eaten away, make the worm of sin die inside me. I am tired of good things in my life being devoured because of my sin and selfishness. The devil wants to destroy my life and blame me for it. Jesus you want to give me eternal life and not have to earn it. I love you Lord, I trust in your firm hand of discipline, your rebuke is a blessing if only I can see it. 

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