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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man

You are a moon reflecting the sun of righteousness who is Jesus. If your spiritual eye has single vision then your whole body will be full of the light of Christ. But if your heart is continually pursuing evil, then your body will reflect this darkness in the things you do and say. Your spiritual eye has become doubleminded, reflecting more like a crescent moon then the full moonlight of Christ. If you are not in constant relationship with Christ, merely like a half moon of light. How great is the darkness in you? Even though you reflect some of the light how far are you from a total eclipse of the heart? Be careful that the light within you is not really darkness. Lets keep our hearts and minds focused on Christ so that our lives are reflecting his glory. Do you realize that its the sunlight that illuminates the moon? And as the sunlight disappears so does the moon. Without the light of Christ we are a cold moon in the darkness of sin and death.

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