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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man

Woke up so hungry for the Presence of Lord. I looked into the mirror and saw my soul through my face. So gloomy and of a sad countenance because of my desire to filled with Holy Spirit. I've decided to fast and clear my mind in order to hear my God speak to me. But I can't go into public looking like this, I would look a hypocrite to God because man would shower me with prideful spiritual approval. No, I must go comb my hair and wash my face. Put a splash of cologne and not be obvious of my physical hunger for the Lord. In the secret place though, my heart and mind is ready to devour any spiritual food Jesus has for me. As I walk by people they see a normal person. But the Father who is unseen sees my secret hunger for him. He hears my stomach pants like deer pants for water. Oh the filling to the soul when He chooses to reward you openly for your humble pursuit of him. Smile for you will be satisfied.

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