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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Lord, please don't leave me. I will follow you wherever you go. I will live wherever your Spirit lives. Your people are my people and you will always be my God. Since the day I felt you passing through me I've wanted to know you more. Like a stray dog roaming the streets with hunger, once it is fed he follows that kind soul in need of comfort and nurture. So am I a stray soul found by your Holy Spirit and now I follow you wherever you may lead. Even the crumbs of your grace are like choice food to my soul. I beg at your presence just to be fed from your very hands. My greatest fear is to not have you. To have a form of extreme religion or extreme grace and not have truly known you. Forgive me for keeping you at a distance, but I have seen you look at me from afar with your precious smile. I am short for words and hide behind people who are more worthy than me. I climb a sycamore tree just to gaze at the beauty of your heart, how you care for sinners and those who are sick. Lord Jesus come this way even if I am high a tree of lonliness, I dare not think about not having you near me. I am so lost without you, please even if you have to meet me halfway or meet me on the spot where you can save me from myself. Look up my Lord, I am here in front of you thank you for coming. I was afar off and you came to the foot of my cross that I bear daily. Jesus you call out to me, child of God, come down immediately. I am coming to your house today! Come my Saviour, come into my heart and make it your home. Thank you for following me wherever I go. Meditate Luke 19:1-10

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