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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

Beware of people who are always asking for money and need nothing else. They need no food for hunger, no water for thirst, no clothes for the body, and no shelter from the elements. Their want is greater than there need and no amount of money will suffice. Jesus would rather have you invest in the Kingdom by bringing these people to him. To love our neighbor as ourselves and truly give to them from what we have and not from what we don't have. Give with a divine purpose in mind, lending your time, talents and prayers, expecting not to be repaid by man but by God. You are producing a far greater spiritual return then you would of with just giving earthly mammon. By the Grace of God maybe those who are always asking for money will start asking for food for the heart, drink for the soul, clothing for the shame, and shelter for the mind! Jesus can make any person rich instantly. The Spirit of Christ inside a poor man makes him rich in soul, prosperous in everything he does. Study Acts 3:1-8

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