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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man

Beware of spiritual ambush. You were walking alone minding your business, living for God and trusting in his provision. Then the gates of hell broke loose and everything that can go wrong is going wrong. You are surrounded by your problems and fears, as well as the enemy breathing his hot breath of trial over you. You have been spiritually ambushed, and from the looks of it abandoned and left as orphan. Instead of waiving the white flag of surrender and giving into sin and destruction. Do not be afraid, call on the name of the Lord Jesus, for those who are with you are more than those who are with the enemy. Open your eyes of faith and call on your brother or sister to fight back the spiritual ambush. Do not go to spiritual battle alone. Take your sword and shield and stir the hearts of the faithful to retreat the enemy out of your heart and mind. You need the armour of God on at all times to protect yourself from folly and destruction. It is when no one is looking, alone in your thoughts that the enemy strikes. In your idleness you left the door of your heart open to evil desire and sin. By submitting to God you resist the devil. He will come at you one way and flee before you seven different ways. Study Duet. 28:7

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