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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

God has two kinds of spiritual sons. The ones with the spirit of the world and the ones with the spirit of God. The ones with the spirit of the world says, "I want my share of the inheritance now". Willing to part with the inheritance of Christ, an inheritance given to humanity before the foundations of the world. They wish to enjoy the lavishes and indulges of the flesh and the world. Looking to gain the whole world even if it cost them their souls. God is fair and just. So He divides the inheritance and lets the wayward sons live out their depraved minds. They have already received their rewards enjoying the praises of men. But the sons with the spirit of God love to be in the place of God's care. They remember about his gift of undeserved grace! An inheritance worth more than silver or gold. More than the fleeting pleasures of sin that bankrupt the soul of spirit and life. The Spirit of God is a precious deposit that ties into the full riches of Christ. Jesus can help you and give you what belongs to you as God's people. But the sons of disobedience give away there inheritance for the knowledge of good and evil. And with this knowledge they became like the creature instead of their Maker. They became children of their father, the devil. The true sons of God consider the reproach of Christ greater wealth than the treasures of this world. They are looking ahead for a greater reward, to an inheritance of actually being a member of the royal family line of God. Both spiritual sons were born with a spirit of fear, of weakness and of a confused mind. One chose to keep living this way and the other chose the spirit of truth. Which spiritual blood line do you chose? Are you sons of God or sons of men? Remember you already have a Father in heaven, your inheritance is waiting for you in Christ. All that remains for the sons of this world, is a spiritually dirty field where pigs of unclean spirits go to rot in their spoils. Study John 8:44

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