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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

There once was a great city protected by high thick walls. A powerful king with an 

army came against it and was pressing in on every side of the city walls. A siege was formed to force the submission of the city and it's leaders. The people inside could not obtain food or water. They began to starve and were to weak to fight. The enemy soldiers built a huge pile of rocks, stones and dirt against the city’s walls. The plan was

to climb up this pile and get over the walls into the city. Meanwhile there was chaos inside the city. The highest of officials, the educated, and even the highly skilled had no answers for this enemies siege. A poor man stood up and gave wise advice to the people and he saved their city. He had in the past help built water ways around the city that had been dormant for years. And now were able to flood out the enemy from the gates. The city was saved 

but because the man was poor, nobody remembered him later. Listen to these wise words: If a person is wise, he is more powerful. Someone who fights with military arms is less powerful than a wise man. Why is this? Because just one foolish act can destroy many good things that a proud person has done. You don't have to buy wisdom for social status. God gives it freely to all who ask, especially to the poor in spirit. 

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