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Wisdom Tshirt of the Month (Update)

I want to thank all subscribers and supporters for taking part in the Tshirt ministry this past month. First time every making a profit in the selling of ministry Wisdom Tshirts. Ten shirts were sold in total and the profit was $82.20. All the money earned is going 100% to the Lord. For the first donation ever, it was given to a ministry called Timothy Initiative. I know the leaders in this ministry and see the love of God in them. They are restoring broken men through the power of Jesus. Please check out their website for more information and pray for the Lord to use them. I will run another Tshirt campaign soon, please spread the word around to your neighbors and friends. I think this is an awesome opportunity for followers of Christ to share their faith in an abstract way on tshirts. Also all profits of tshirts sold go 100% to ministry outreach and public service. Follow me as I follow Christ. Lets change the world one person at a time through the power of the Gospel.

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