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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man

It is true that many people are ruined by excessive praise. They become people pleasers that begin to praise themselves to get attention. The applause of man can only last for so long. People get weary, legs get tired from ovations, and arms get weak from clapping. We must not live our life needing praise from others. Praise from God should be enough, who rewards openly in his time. We would do better to edify one another, to instruct and improve each other as members of the body of Christ. To many people are dying inside from lack of encouragement and praise. Their hard work and effort receives no edification or grace. Imagine to be challenged through grace? To be corrected through love? To be honored for character and not only intellect? Praise can feel empty to the soul, but to supply a person with moral uplift and guidance is a filling of Holy Spirit. Start a fire in someone today. Let Holy Spirit use you as oxygen to kindle a fire in someones life. The spirit of man is flammable; it can ignite with just one touch of God's Holy Fire. 

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