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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

The foolish man says go deep, go to the far edges, I will tell you when to stop. He says, your happiness is in the distance and is a long journey away. Oh but the wise man says stop looking afar and look under your feet. There is good soil where you are at. Cultivate and water what you have within your grasp. The wise grow happiness under there feet but the foolish man is never satisfied. True Wisdom is just a prayer away. Jesus can grow righteousness in you right where you are at. His Wisdom will bring peace and happiness to you and to those around you. The grass of the foolish may be greener on the other side but is it near a river of life to sustain it? Jesus wants to take the dry patches of your heart and grow it green with happiness and joy. The grass of the righteous is continually thick and strong, connected to living waters of Holy Spirit.

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