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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Everything in life is going good as we hold our Heavenly Fathers hand. But trouble gets in the way and we lose the grip of our faith. Feeling lost and alone in this world. I ask myself, is it not God's hand that has made all things? Why has certain things happened that have caused me to lose the grip to my  Father's hand? It is when we feel like this that we begin to sin and make bad decisions. We try to survive and live like hell in order to bring direction in our lives, it does not work. The hand of the Lord is with us causing us to believe and turn to God. Realize this, since you found Christ you have the Holy Spirit connecting you to God. You thought you were lost but God still has you in his eyesight. Come back to him and don't lose yourself in this world. You are a child of God, follow the grace provided by the Cross that leads back to who you really are. We are heart strapped by Holy Spirit so even if we lose the grip of our faith. We are connected to the mighty arm of the Lord through our hearts. Jesus, keep us close and make sure we are all held by your awesome love. Meditate Ps. 139:10

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