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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

 Everything is ready for you to move forward in your new life in Christ. The only problem is that sin keeps deflating your tires. The engine of your heart is running good. The oil of Holy Spirit is flowing smoothly through you. The windows of your soul are down feeling the fresh breeze of peace on your face. All of sudden wilfull sin comes as a nail or metal shard into your road of life. The tires of your flesh have become worn, beaten down by trial and temptation. The tread of your spirit is barely holding on. Little by little you have been deflating of spiritual life in your tires. We need to always be moving forward in our godly lives. Making sure we are filling ourselves daily with pure relationship with Christ. If not, we will end up many times on the side of the road, needing God to repair a blown tire caused by the sin. I see a righteous life as four strong tires. Though they take alot of beating throughout the day by sun and gravel. We have properly filled our spirit so that the flesh does not leak out. Able to live and move safely in the Grace of Christ. Check your tires daily so sin does not leave you with a deflated heart and mind. The flesh is weak because of sin. But the spirit is willing because of Christ. Stay filled in Holy Spirit and you will be able to tread upon the serpent and scorpion. Meditate Luke 10:19

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