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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

As soon as I walk through the door of my home my dogs are non stop jumping up and down. Barking for my attention, wanting me to feed them and play with them. They love when I pick them up and rub them until complete laziness. It makes me think of that persistent widow in the story that Jesus told. The judge was worn out by her pestering and gave into her request for justice. Sometimes when I get home the last thing I want to do is play or pick up my dogs. They are persistent though even when I am in the bathroom, they are barking scratching the door. When I am with my wife or my son they are tapping my legs until I give into their demands. They are so overjoyed when I look there way to feed or pet them. Think about this: they know I am good for it. They know I am a good master. If we could only get his attention we know he will feed us, he will play with us. We as children of God know his word and that watches over it to perform it. We have seen correctly with our own hearts that God will certainly carry out all of his plans. Jesus, we know you can do all things, please help us to pray passionately. To be persistent in giving my attention to you. Knowing that you are watching over every situation and are sovereign over it. I jump and scratch from my knees in prayer, not able to contain my excitement over your righteous character. If I can get your gaze upon me, I know I will be feed and watered by Holy Spirit daily. 

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