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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man

Don't be foolish. It matters how you live and how much you dedicate your time to knowing Christ. You cannot live like the world and have a thriving relationship with God. And you cannot live a righteous life without a rich relationship with Jesus. The Lord causes the rain to fall on the good and bad. On this point all mankind is equal. But obedience to the living word brings temporal and spiritual blessings. Those who live by faith show the benefits of righteous living, the blessings of godly character. Like Daniel and his friends stood out compared to the bablylonian youth, so should the children of God stand out before the children of this world. We have been given the mind of Christ, even our thoughts should be different. I pray that our relationship with Jesus shines so bright that our lives reap the benefit of it. The world lives in darkness, but your faith and deeds are Gods way of lighting up the world with his presence. Study Dan. 1:8-16

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