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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man

Savior like a sheperd lead me. Lead me to still waters and green pastures. You are so perfect in all your ways that it is hard for me to keep up. I keep tripping over myself and slipping on foolish mistakes. Others follow you so closely while I am always lagging behind. I still see your rod from far away though, and  your staff it comforts me. I want to follow your every step and avoid falling into sin again. Your voice is so peaceful to my soul. It makes me want to get up from my shame and continue to follow you. Lord, I grow weary and tired. My litttle legs are cut and battered going through the brush of trial. I feel so weak in faith and I can't keep up with the rest of your sheep. My Shepherd, why are we slowing down all of a sudden? Is it my fault Jesus we are stopped? Oh Lord, you have come to pick me up to put me on your shoulders!  Thank you so much for your love, it brings tears of joy to my eyes. My fellow sheep, look how high I am! From this height I can see living water and green pastures up ahead. What a Sheperd we have! 

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