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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

It amazing to see how spiritual seed bears fruit in our physical world. The devil manifests his character in so many ways here on earth. When we see people take their lives and in the process take others with them, thats what the enemy is doing right now in rebellion. If he is going to perish he is taking as many souls with him as he can. When we see people lie and steal, even commit murder to do it. They are emulating their father the devil, as he once lied to Adam and Eve to take their dominion over the earth. The father of lies has reproduced himself through many people on this earth. Sin and death is what is in store for the devil and those who practice evil will reap what it sows. God has planted spiritual seed on earth and his character manifests in so many ways as well. When you see people who have done horribly things to each other asking for forgiveness, that reflects the heart of God. Jesus chose to forgive our sins on the Cross and remember them no more. When we see people doing good to those who hate them, blessing them who curse them, and praying for those who mistreat them. They are imitating Christ who showed love even to his enemies. His life echoed these words, Father forgive them for they know not what they do. The King of Glory is reproducing himself in our world. Spirit and Life is what is in store for those who follow Christ and practice righteousness. Jesus, you have stepped on the serpents head in victory. The Holy Spirit is filling the whole earth and enemy cannot stop it! Soon the sons and daughters of God will be revealed, and the spirit of evil will be quenched. Gone forever, to perish with the father of lies who started it. 

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