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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man

The repetition of sin is much more of a reality in our lives than we realize. We tend to focus on the sins we can see, and miss our continued lack of victory over private matters of our heart. Things like pride, greed, grumbling, and lack of self control. You do yourself a disservice when you go eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth with your sins. Jesus has given us the grace to work out our salvation with reverent fear and trembling. No matter how many sins you have committed and will commit, it will never outpace the grace of God. When sin increases, grace increases all the more. Jesus died for total forgiveness of sins, and He lives for total redemption of sins. Stop counting your sins and start becoming like Jesus. Supernaturally you will see the reflection of Christ in your heart, in whom there was no sin.

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