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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man

When someone is doing everything right by the textbook and still failing. Maybe all they need is some encouragement, some affirmation for success. The technique looks good but the spirit is off. Yes work hard and stay persistent. But be open to receiving encouragement and not allow yourself to be negative constantly. There is a time to accept critique and learn. And also there is a time to receive confirmation of progress and be inspired. Likewise, in our relationship with God we must allow him to discipline us as sons and daughters, so he can affirm us as his children. The Holy Spirit is always with us in our spirit encouraging us. Reminding us that we already have the victory. That we can call our Heavenly Fatther Abba in the midst of discipline and trail. Even if we fail, the love of Christ never did. Receive it, and continue to grow from faith to faith. Study Romans 15:13 

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