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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man

The rain is pouring and the winds are howling. Flooding is inevitable, and the flashes of lightning are showing it's thunder. Look around, even the animals are hiding from this fierce weather. The sky is dark and grey as people fear the soon dreadful day of the Lord. Yes a storm is passing by and wicked people cannot last. They are caught in dark waters, drowning themselves in their own sorrows. But the righteous are always safe. They cleave to the rocks looking for higher ground to stand on. No matter the weather the righteous stand as bold as lions. They need no umbrella for the rain, they wait for the Sun of Righteousness to break through the clouds. Jesus himself will dry all their tears away and keep them safe during the storms of life. The wicked have no relief from the storms of life because they hate the very Sun that can restore them. Living in a constant rainstorm and only an umbrella to cover their shame. Child of God look forward to the sunrise, because joy comes in the morning. Weeping may last through the night, but hope's spring is eternal. 

Study Prov. 10:25 

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