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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Doctor, I am struggling with my spiritual health. I've been feeling tired lately not having the energy to pray. Trying to keep my heart and mind pure with whatever is true and worthy. But my mind is constantly racing and I am not able to gather my thoughts. I also have this dry cough every time I want to share my faith. Oh, and I get this fevor from time to time, and then it goes away. Can you help me? I am so tired of being sick and tired. I want to have a faith that overcomes, and not always limp through the finish lines of life. My spiritual health is important to me because it bears itself on my physical body. 

Patient, I am glad that you are addressing your spiritual health. So many people focus only the physical and forgot we are living souls. Just like we want our bodies to prosper we should want our spirit to prosper. Now, I notice you said you have been feeling tired lately, could it be you are spending too much time in the things of the world? You must dedicate time to prayer and not try to juggle it through the day. Save your energy for the things of God and do not waste it on foolishness. In this way you will keep your mind at a good pace, and not be so tired in the faith. This dry cough you will need to monitor it. I suggest when you are about to share your faith to take a sip of living water. Realize that the words you speak need to have salt and light. Your so parched maybe because you have nothing to share from personal testimony. Ask Christ to help you in situations that you cannot handle. You will see he will come through and you will be excited to share with others. Lastly, that fervor you are experiencing going up and down is normal. You will at times be cold as ice in your faith, but God will sustain you through the fire of Holy Spirit. Its actually really good that you are hot in fevor experiencing chills of righteousness. What I do not want to see is you warm in your faith. That is a bad sign if you are not noticing hot or cold, you have become complacent in not pursuing spiritual growth. I will schedule you to come back in two weeks to see if you are feeling better. Here is my script you can pick up at the pharmacy.

Doctor, thank you so much for your time and patience. I will do what your have written down and make sure to take my daily meditation with Jesus. Lets see, have prayer as a good rule of thumb three times a day. And for sure increase my intake on the living water found in the scriptures. It all points to more of Jesus Christ in my life. I have a plan now, and I want to feel better spiritually. Jesus, come fill me with your Presence and bring healing to my soul.

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