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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

This mountain over me Lord is so high that I cannot see the end of it, even with my own faith filled eyes. I look around and see alot of obstacles in my way. Weeds have become wild and trees have gathered together to hide the warmth of your sun. Feeling overwhelmed with this righteous climb that is before me, I need your direction to help me avoid the pitfalls I will be facing. There are wild beasts and spiritual fowls of the air that want to tear my soul limb from limb. But you oh Lord are my compass and I will follow your living word all the way through my life. Before the mountains were born, before you gave birth to the earth and the world, from beginning to end, you are God. I know together we can conquer this mountain. I will dig my hands deep and climb towards victorious living. Just like you allow springs of life to gush into the valleys, so will you allows streams of living water to sustain me in my journey. You are the God that turns deserts into pools of water, and the dry land into springs of water. There have been so many places I have lost my footing, of where I lost my way. But your Spirit within me gave me the strength to get back up again and continue climbing. I am not where I want to be, but I am so glad I am not what I once was at the bottom of the mountain. Here where I stand right now through the Grace of Christ, I place this victory flag. Yes, this achievement is one small step for today, but one giant leap for the rest of my life. I am spiritually climbing up this mountain and I can see the highest peak more than ever before. Jesus, with all my strength, with all my mind, and with all my heart, I dig this victory flag deep in me and worship you! Through the trees and fog, towards the top of the mountain I see another flag boldly swinging in the wind. Yes, its your banner over me, your banner over me is love! I am so encouraged with grateful tears knowing you have conquered this mountain before I have. This life you have given me has been purchased by your blood, and it rightfully sways in pride and joy in your hands. I see you your victory in me, I coming after you one personal victory at a time. Thank you that I am already a conqueror of this mountain because you conquered everything first.  Meditate Micah 4:1 

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