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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

Oh you are sneaky. In your own wisdom you have managed to live from your own evil desires, thinking you have protected yourself from folly. You have laid down a trap for the enemy but it is you that will fall it in. Like a foolish hunter who falls in his own trap, so will you if you don't stay in a safe place. Be humble, respect God! There are many dangers that a wicked man has to tread through. His life is like a path where there are sharp objects and traps. If you really care about your spirit run away from danger and pursue Christ. Only foolish peole do nothing and suffer needlessly. You hid behind evil like a shield and said, "No one can see me!" You were fooled by your wisdom and your knowledge; you felt sure that you alone were in full control. Without warning disaster strikes. This is why we must make the Lord our refuge and not continue to grow bolder and bolder in sin. The trap has already been set on the Cross and Jesus has crushed the enemies head. Submit to God and the enemy will flee limping.

Study Psalm 52:7

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