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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

Take care of a tree, and you will eat of its fruit. But if you neglect putting in time and care, it may only be good for firewood. When you come back to eat of its fruit you are ashamed because of its barrenness. Or worse someone else cut it down and stole it overnight. There is no one else to blame but yourself for not tending to it. Be diligent in taking care of what is sheep and goat in your life. Riches and honor will not last and only what you've been righteously tending to will sustain you. After the hay is removed from your life and your earthly harvest is over. You will start to see new growth appear from your faithfulness to God. New crops appear from the mountain grasses of Gods grace. He willl cause the lambs to provide wool for your clothing. He will pour out milk from the goats and make enough cheese to feed you and your family. Praise God, for what you sowed through righteous living has reaped here and now in the land of the living! The investment you put into the deposit of Holy Spirit has sustained you through life's hardships. God does not need money to help you. Jesus can use the littlest things in your life that he sees you are faithful to, to bless you.

Study Matt. 17:20, Prov. 27:23-27

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