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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

Life is alot like bowling. Sometimes you throw a strike right down the middle, other times you will have to go for the spare. If at first you don't succeed, many times you will get to try again and clean up the mess. Other times you will actually gutter ball and just have to accept it. The floors are slippery and you never know which way the ball is going to spin. Keep your aim straight towards Christ to avoid the foolish mistakes. Sometimes the pins are up and sometimes they are down. God will give us plenty of opportunities to throw strikes for him. We all start out with bumpers of Grace. But as we mature in the knowledge of God we rarely throw gutterballs like we use too. In fact, you will see your total score of life improve drastically. Before you start to compare yourself to others, remember Jesus score is the only perfect one. He has always thrown a strike and never spared. If life is like the game of bowling, then bowl so hard pointing to the perfect score of Jesus.

Study 1 John 3:5 

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