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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

In the moment we struggle with pain and sin, but God knows that his grace is sufficient for us. Like a good good father he is training us in righteousnes so we can mature in our faith. To be wholehearted like Christ, well rounded and complete as God is. God wants you to grow in your faith so you can be the man or women of God he has called you to be. Do your best to go in by the narrow door, for I say to you, A number will make the attempt to go in, but will not be able to do so. Its in the struggle and perserverance that we see Jesus more clearer. That we become closer to him in relationship. Many will fall away with the pressures of this world and become distant from God, even hating him. But those who love righteousness and truth will be closer than ever to Christ even there is harsh trial. The door of salvation is open for all, but there will be a day when it will close. Once the narrow door is closed many will be left outside standing. Asking for the door to be opened but it will be too late to have a relationship with Christ. He barely knew them and they did evil all the days of their life. The door of salvation was narrow but was always open for relationship. We must take advantage today of knowing Christ and pursuing him in the secret place. Sin is keeping us from entering daily into the presence of Jesus. Let us dine with him and listen to his living word. His is the door we must enter through for eternal life. Meditate Luke 13:23-27

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