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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

I need to stay centered. Even if I go too far to the left or to the right, I still must gather myself and get Christ centered. Throughout the day the cares of the world steal my joy. The enemy comes and tries to steal the word in my heart filling me with doubt. Then to top it all off temptation pounces on me in my moments of weakness, knocking over my cup of spiritual growth. I picture this cup that is overflowing with confidence in Christ. It starts off great in the morning but give it a couple hours and my cup of confidence begins to get bumped by trial and tribulation. Just spilling everywhere is the grace God has given me that is suppose to be overflowing but I am down to just half a cup. I am so hard on myself, letting doubt take me many times to the last drop. Its only the afternoon, and my cup of faithfulness is dry. I am ashamed to say I have gone to sleep at night with a parched soul, knowing I have grace overflowing offered to me at all times. Why do we do this to ourselves? We have waterfalls of grace to refill us if we would just get centered under his mercy. Lord, help me today to eat or drink, or whatever I do, to do it all for the glory of God. Whatever I fall short of please fill me up and keep me centered under your grace and mercy.

Meditate Psalms 114:17-18

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