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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man.

A Smooth Sea. Sailing thru life on smooth seas is what we all wish for and want. The reality is that waters soon become harsh and dangerous. Life becomes a series of waves swaying you back and forth into troubled water. You start taking in water sinking yourself into doubt and despair. Lord, do you not care that I am perishing? I cannot live for you if I waste away nor can I give you praise. If you love me then save me from these treachous waters! Could it be Lord that these waters are making me into a skillfull sailor of my life? Are you allowing faith to work in me so that peace be still can echo throughout my whole life. Yes, indeed you are making a navigator out of me to lead me into smooth seas of life. Look, I see another storm brewing within me, but I know you are faithful because of the storms you have brought me through. My faith has become strength and my flesh will not overcome it. Holy Spirit you are the winds to my sail, lead me to another adventure in this life. Lord Jesus you are Captain of my life, lead me to dry land so I can find pasture for my soul.

Study Job 38:16 

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