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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Love can get messy. It takes a lot of love to clean up after many mistakes. It takes a lot of love to cover up after many failures. We reflect the love of God by forgiving others. When we love each other, we are willing to forgive each other. Love covers sin in that it is willing to forgive. Its grabbing a mop and bucket to clean the mess left on the floor of your heart without grudges. Keeping yourself clean from sin means you don't gossip about an offence done to you. Exercising discretion and restraint, we do not spread the mess we just cleaned up through Christ. Love protects by not sweeping things under the rug but exposing anything needs to be cleaned by love and truth. Scrub those pots and pans that have gotten dirty because of sin. God has extended his forgiveness to us in Christ so we can clean out the stains people have left on our lives. Love can wash out sin and stain in that, when we act in true love, we are prone to overlook minor offenses, tolerate the provocations, and forgive the sin. The Love of God can keep your life from getting messy.

Meditate Ps. 51:2 

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