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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

What does Jesus being Lord of your life mean? Maybe it can be understood like this. Our physical hearts are the managers of our bodies via our circulatory system. Pumping blood to supply oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and removing carbon dioxide and other wastes. If this flow throughout the body is interrupted through various types of ills the heart will fail you. Once heart function is less than 50%, it can go into cardiac arrest. There is not enough blood being pumped into the heart and parts of it begin to shutdown. The beat of life becomes faint succumbing to the way of death. The Lord promises to give us a new heart that flows with righteousness and peace. Entering places in our hearts where their is no lifeblood going through. His life giving Spirit flowing forgiveness, grace, and healing. Strengthening our arteries and veins of faith, fortifying walls restoring a heartbeat for God. Maybe Lordship is allowing light in the darkness of hearts, exposing the lies we are living to beckon transformation. The more the Lord is working in our lives the more stronger our heartlife is beating. A low pumping heart for God with not much lifeblood of Holy Spirit in it, the less beat of life we have. A Lordless heart will soon go to a spiritual cardiac arrest. Our hearts need blood just like we need God. Jesus wants to be Lord of our lives. He gave his blood so that our hearts could pump true spiritual life forever.  

Study Ps. 73:26

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