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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

A man stole a loaf of bread. He was caught and taken before the court, and was found guilty as charged. But the judge learned that the man had no job, and his family was hungry. He tried to find work but was unsuccessful. Finally, to keep his family from starving, he was reduced to stealing. The judge rendered his verdict. He said, "You stole the bread, and you are guilty. The law is unambiguous, meaning not open to more than one interpretation. I order you to pay a fine of ten dollars. However, I realize you do not have ten dollars, so I will pay the fine myself. The judge pulled out a ten dollar bill and handed it to the man. As the man took the money, the judge said, " Now I also want to remit the fine." That meant the man did not actually have to pay the fine. He could keep the money. The judge continued, " Furthermore, I am going to instruct the bailiff to pass around a hat to everyone in this courtroom, and I am fining everyone in this courtroom fifty cents for living in a city where a man has to steal in order to have bread to eat." The money was collected and given to the defendant. Was justice meted out? Yes. But so also were grace and mercy. Let this illustrate the kind of justice that God offers. How justice is tempered with Gods mercy and grace. And how only love is capable of delivering true justice. Let these ancient words of Christ echo louder than ever before, "Go and sin no more." Study Eph. 4:28

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