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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

In sports it has been said that practice correlates to game time. That what you do in secret will reward you when it counts. Some athletes are horrible practices players but can turn on their talents when needed. While others can practice a lot and still fail to be clutch when called upon. Many times never even get the opportunity to prove it though they are faithful to practice. Do you believe that? That practice makes perfect, and that hard work and dedication pays off in not just sports but in life? God is the ultimate coach for life and He knows how to get the best out of his children. We will never ride the bench with God, He wants everyone in the game of life to live their best life for Christ. But He will not let you cop out and complain about Him or any other circumstance. The Lord knows everything you have and are going through, yet He still calls you to practice righteousness. Knowing you will not be perfect, He still calls you to persevere because Christ never failed. We have the grace in Christ to grow in wisdom and stature with God and man. No matter what we are going through Jesus calls us to practice everyday. To seek Him in the secret place to prepare our hearts for the rigors of the day. We are building a strong faith that leads us to victory in our lives. It is true that you will have a bad game, everybody does in sports. Your talent will only take you game to game but your discipline and effort will make a great career. The question comes down to, do you believe practice makes perfect? Not only in sports but in your walk with Christ. Lord, I pray for strength and power to practice righteousness. I believe that my pursuit of relationship with Christ will produce much fruit in my life! Even if I fail you many times, I am not just looking for a good game. I am looking for a lifetime, a career of faithful pursuit where I can testify Jesus in me has made me perfect. Meditate Heb. 6:1

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