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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

The Lord is fighting for you. He could force his hand but instead He chooses to use the strength of His Love. I pray that you would be moved by the power of Christ's love to seek and serve the Lord. To pursue the knowledge of Him and find peace for your tired soul. There are people fighting for their lives right now as you read this. Some for their health and others for their lives, only God can give the human spirit this gift of perseverance. Like a child who must be told to do his chores, and worse having to cover for their ignorance. Is the person that needs the flesh to be gratified. But if the child is motivated by love, they will do what needs to be done and be careful not to be ignorant. Whatever your going through, know the Lord is fighting for you, let the strength of his love provide the power for victory. Be motivated by Christ's love and do not depend on the flesh for anything. 

Study Ps. 59:17 

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