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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Heaven is moving to make it happen. Though things are at a halt and life seems at a stand still, God is moving us to the right direction. The Holy Spirit is moving us towards living water, don't be fooled by the mirage of sins desert. Soon and very soon you will see the trees planted by streams of living water with your own eyes. God does not slumber nor sleep, he is aware of this dry spell in your life, this pause of trial your dealing with. He is behind the scenes working in peoples hearts for your good. Working to bring you through the hardest times in your life. I was burdened with worries and The Lord comforted me and made me feel secure. I will do what the Lord wants, and he will give me my heart's desire. Heaven is moving, I can feel it moving inside me. In the natural walls are still standing, but in the spiritual Holy Spirit is weakening the restraints. The Lord holds me with his righteous right hand. Even in trouble I can rest assure his grip is over my life. I must avoid getting into a rut in with my walk in Christ. This relationship is overflowing and I need to stay focused on receiving grace. In times where patience is required I must continue to allow Holy Spirit to flow in me and not cut Him off with fleshly desires. Jesus is wanting to flow freely in every area of our lives, heaven is moving to make things happen. Jesus, keep me moving towards your direction always. Meditate Ps. 84:7

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