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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man.

Cobwebs and dust are God's reminders that its been awhile. Over time small particles of hair, fibers, food and other items are blown into each other causing a funny term called dust bunnies. Though they may appear harmless like rolling dust shaped like a bunny, they may not be. Dust bunnies can contain allergens, including dust mites that can impact your health negatively. After saying all this, I think its time we address your spiritual health, because spiritual mites are looking to damage your spirit in Christ. Look in the natural around you. Do you see anything with cobwebs or dust? A Bible, a godly book, an old appliance you are not using that you can give away, or maybe even a vacant room Gods wants you to clean up to use for his glory. Listen to what the Lord says, "You weave spider webs, but you can't make clothes with those webs or hide behind them." Receive this don't be offended by it. If our deeds have been sinful than the righteous things we have neglected need to be dusted off and cleaned. Go now, your dead works are in need of cleansing 

faith. Go now, before you get caught in your own cobweb and do nothing. Study Is. 59:6

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