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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

There is not enough money in the world to save your life. You need a new heart and without it you are already dead. Soon your heartbeat for meaning and purpose will dimly pound. Then the blood that runs through your veins will come to an erupt end. And all your hard work on this earth will come to nothing. You need a new heart fast, in fact a whole new spirit within you. Oh the sadness many must feel when they die of a broken dead heart! Humanity can alone provide you self help and how to lick your wounds. They put you on a list for a new heart, but only the rich get a new heart that comes with a temporary shelf life. God is first come and first serve, He is able to give new hearts with a life that will last forever. Jesus bore our sins in his body; and three days later while laying dead in the grave rose to life again. Offering new hearts and eternal life for free through the costly blood of the Cross. A new heart from God is free for all mankind to receive. Sadly many will still choose to pay for there own and will die on the waiting list. The world can give you a new heart for the right price, but it cannot guarantee tommorrow. God in Christ is offering people with failing hearts a new one. Spiritual surgery is a prayer away.

Study Eze. 36:26 

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